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  • Ultra-Power Ultrasonic Cleaning Detergents

    We provide you with a line of quality detergents designed for specific use with our advanced ultrasonic cleaning systems.  Our line of products is designed for optimal use within the specific range of temperatures and chemistry your cleaning system will use. Incredibly versatile, our specialized cleaners are formulated for use to clean everything from glass substrates to surgical instruments. Please review our line of products and choose the formula that is right for you.


    All of our detergents are concentrates specially formulated for use in our ultrasonic parts cleaners. All of our cleaning solutions are specifically designed to be diluted in water. The amount of detergent required is dependent on the type and amount of contamination on the surfaces you put in your washers. Parts should be generally cleaned to remove gross amounts of contamination before being placed in your ultrasonic cleaning systems. In some cases the hardness of the water used in the ultrasonic parts washer should also be taken into consideration and mixing adjustments made. Our versatile cleaning solutions allow you to make adjustments as necessary without seriously deteriorating its effectiveness.