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This rinse system is designed to be a component of the precision ultrasonic cleaning system. The system provides for heavy duty ultrasonic cleaning. The system utilizes water and detergent in the ultrasonic cleaning tank.

Systm Layout:
The equipment has a stainless steel exterior frame with a stainless steel tank and a stainless steel countertop. All the controls are located so they can be accessed from the front of the console. Access to the console interior is via stainless steel panels.

The rinse console has overall dimensions of 32" (L to R), 30" (F to B), and 35" (H).

Equipped as follows:
Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank
  • Tank dimensions 24" L-R x 16" F-B x 14" D
  • Working dimensions 24" L-R x 16" F-B with a nominal 1" liquid depth (20 gallons)
  • Fabricated from 14 gauge stainless steel side walls and 14 gauge stainless steel tank bottom #4 finish
  • 2000 Watts thermostatically controlled heat
  • Stainless steel cover with double folding hinge
  • 1" overflow to drain on tank
  • 1" drain (1/4 turn ball valve)
Unit of Measure

Liquid Capacity

N/A 20 gal

Internal Tank Width

N/A 16 in

Internal Tank Length

N/A 24 in

Internal Tank Depth

N/A 14 in

Overall Width

N/A 30 in

Overall Length

N/A 32 in

Overall Height

N/A 35 in


N/A 16 in


N/A 24 in


N/A 14 in

Tank Material

N/A 316L Stainless Steel

Input Voltage

N/A 240 V

Input Frequency

N/A 50 Hz60 Hz


N/A 1


N/A 14 gauge

N/A Plumbing:
The console will be plumbed for single point connections for the fill and the overflow and the drain. The plumbing connections are located on the rear of the console. The fill and drain valves will be accessible on the front of the console.

Operational Controls:
Heater On/Off switches are on the control panel. Digital temperature controller is also located on the control panel.

Services Required:
Electrical service: Each console has a single point electrical connection, 240V AC single phase 50 / 60 Hz.

Fill Water:
Clean filtered tap water or will maximize the effectiveness of the cleaning chemical. A quarter turn manual drain valve for the ultrasonic wash tank is provided.

Instruction Manual:
The equipment is furnished with an operator’s manual containing a description of the ultrasonic generator and the transducers, general care, safety precautions, and a list and description of the operation system controls and indicators along with an electrical schematic.

The machine is given a full operational test prior to shipping. If the customer wants to witness this test this must be indicated on the purchase order. Any specific criteria in addition to the normal operational tests must accompany the purchase order.

The equipment is warranted in accordance with the standard Ultrasonic Power Corporation warranty certificate.