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Non-silicated version of Formual 815 GD, the Cleaning Standard in Immersion & Ultrasonic Detergents. Neutral pH formulation provides effective cleaning for a wide range of industries, OEM and bebuild. 
Safely Cleans Sensitive Metals - Cadmium and Copper (Alloys & Plating) - and Aluminum Alloys

Highly Effective Degreasing - with the advantages of a pH neutral detergent

Unit of Measure

Part Number

N/A 50-27-026


N/A 8.7


N/A 5 gal

Temperature Range

N/A 130 to 170 ºF

Additional Information

N/A   Once you have perfected the formula that suits your particular needs, all you need to do is keep applying our line of detergents in the exact same formulation in order to maximize the level of cleanliness attained.We are confident that you will find our line of power washing detergents the simple yet perfect solution to your ultrasonic tank cleaning requirements.