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Formula 815 GD is an immersion/ultrasonic detergent that is safe for use with ferrous, aluminum, and most soft metals and plastics. It is biodegradable with no chelants for easy disposal and contains no hazardous material on the MSDS as defined by OSHA 29CFR, 1910.1200 making it safe to handle and to use. This product provides exceptional ultrasonic cleaning at all temperatures. Formula 815 GD is very free rinsing with no residue, quickly splits most oils out of solution slowly for longer tank life without parts contamination, and contains an in-process rust preventative. It can be filtered down to a 0.5 micron filter for longer tank life and works well with an oil skimmer or coalescer for cleaner parts. Formula 815 GD meets aerospace and military specifications as listed below. Due to its free rinsing, this makes it ideal for cleaning sensitive metals, plastics, elastomers and electronics.

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Unit of Measure

Part Number

N/A 50-27-025


N/A 11.5


N/A 55 gal

Temperature Range

N/A 130 to 170 ºF

Additional Information

N/A   Once you have perfected the formula that suits your particular needs, all you need to do is keep applying our line of detergents in the exact same formulation in order to maximize the level of cleanliness attained.We are confident that you will find our line of power washing detergents the simple yet perfect solution to your ultrasonic tank cleaning requirements.

Special Approvals

  • Airbus Industrie: Consumable Material List (CML) Item #11-024A
  • Allied Signal: EMS 53170
  • Allison Engine: EPS-345
  • American Airlines: CPN4106223
  • Bell/Textron: Material Bulletin 1608J
  • BF Goodrich: ML 21304; Brake & Wheel
  • Components
  • Boeing: BAC 5749; Alkaline Cleaning
  • Boeing: BAC 5753; Cleaning, Descaling, and Surface Preparation of Titanium and Titanium
  • Alloys
  • Boeing: BAC 5763; Emulsion Cleaning
  • Boeing: DPS 9.341-1; Aqueous Degreasing
  • Boeing: HP 9-25; Degreasing
  • Boeing: P.S. 12024; Cleaning, Aqueous Immersion Degreasing
  • Boeing: D6-17487 Rev. K; Exterior Cleaner
  • Bombardier Inc, Canadair: MPS 180-40;
  • Aqueous Degreasing
  • Ford: Tox #150887
  • General Dynamics, Electric Boat Division:
  • Contract No. N0024-95-C 2103
  • GE Aircraft Engines: S-421
  • GE Aircraft Engines: SPM GEK9250 (CF6, GE90, CF34,CT7) 70-21-22, Method 1
  • GE Aircraft Engines: SPM CFM-TP SP2 (CFM56) 70-21-18
  • GE: CT-882; Solvent Replacement
  • GM: FID Number - 261545
  • Hughes: SCGPS 56039
  • Hughes: 780202
  • Lockheed: STP-57301; Aluminum Cleaning
  • Lockheed Martin: EPS G32.016
  • McDonnell Douglas: CSD 1; General Purpose Cleaner
  • McDonnell Douglas: DPM 9.341-1
  • McDonnell Douglas: DPM 6373
  • McDonnell Douglas: P.S.12024; Cleaning, Aqueous Immersion Degreasing
  • National Stock Number: 07 Size; 6850-01-392-8439
  • National Stock Number: 55 Size; 6850-01-392-8430
  • Naval Shipyard: File No. 0006902; Cleaning Respirators and Paint Equipment
  • Northrop: C-24
  • Rockwell: LLD565-0013-001
  • Rohr: RMS 1533
  • Rohr: RPS 17.23 Rev. AE; Metal Prep for Adhesive Bonding
  • Rolls Royce: E.A. AX-1800-001
  • Rolls Royce: OMAT 1/24S
  • South Coast Air Quality Management District: Certified as a Clean Air Solvent
  • United Technologies/Pratt & Whitney: SPMC 184, SPOP 209 Immersion Tank (oper.1) and Spray-on/Rinse-off Cleaning (oper. 3)
  • USDA A1