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Semi-automated basket handling system designed for standard 39 gallon systems.


  • Air cylinder for the vertical lift with cam follower stabilizers
  • Manual transfer rides on a system of cam followers and is moved left to right by the operator.
  • Heavy gauge steel construction with powder coating finish
  • Self standing with heavy gauge plates to bolt into floor for added stability
  • Allows wash, rinse and drying systems to easily slide out for maintenance
  • The lift is powered by shop air and does not need any electrical connections
  • Air interlocks built into the system to prevent parts from lowering in case of loss of supply air
  • Weight capacity 200 lbs
  • Load and unload platform
  • Designed for Wash/ Rinse/ and Dry configuration but can easily be designed for other sizes and configurations
Unit of Measure

Overall Width

N/A 43 in

Overall Length

N/A 142 in

Overall Depth

N/A 129 in

Tank Material

N/A Powder Coated Steel