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An unrivaled combination of cleanability, broad material compatibility, extensive industry approvals and recyclability produced in a safe formulation —Formula 815 GD is the product of choice in most immersion and ultrasonic cleaning applications.

•   Unsurpassed Cleanability -Recognized as the standard in immersion & ultrasonic detergents

•   “One Product” Parts Cleaner - cleans virtually all metals including steels, aluminum and titanium

• Specifically formulated for ultrasonic cleaning and includes a rust inhibitor and aluminum

• Cleans virtually all metals including steel, aluminum, and titanium

• “Green,” safety enhanced eco-friendly formula, no harmful vapors, compared to
    traditional harsh cleaning solvents

• Removes grease, oil, fingerprints, coolants and carbons

• Safe for hard plastics

• Multiple industries

• One gallon concentrate mixed with water makes 10 gallons of solution

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