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Ultrasonic Flow-through Equipment for Ultimate Performance
Engineered for High Power, Efficiency, Consistency and Reliability
All Stainless Steel for a Lifetime of Problem Free Service
Patented Vibra-Bar®  Transducer Technology
Simultaneous Multi-frequency® for Enhanced Performance
Patented Generators With Variable Sweep Circuitry
Backed by UPC’s industry leading warranty and service
High intensity ultrasonic action
Multiple units can be mounted in a series or parallel configuration
Leading edge technology
High power density up to 1500 W/Gal
Manufactured entirely in the USA

Homogenization - mixtures of liquids
Emulsification - processing foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
Water Sanitation
Extraction of algae oil
Dispersion of nano-scaled particles
Water sanitation
Water-diesel emulsion
Crude oil yield enhancement
Blending systems
Extraction of algae oil
Deconglomerates coalesced materials
Emulsifying of substances
Disintegration of sludge
Production of suspensions
Continuous wire, rod, and strip cleaning
Flocculation of iron ores
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UPR 2000S N/A 2000 W N/A 870 WPG Request Quote
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