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  • UP 4822 Sonic Touch II Filtration

    39, 90, 135, or 204 Gallon (gal) Capacity Ultrasonic Cleaner
    Ultrasonic Power Corporation's Console Series ultrasonic cleaners offer a full range of features providing the most advanced systems available anywhere.
    Now available with Sonic Touch II with important features not available anywhere else.
    The Model 7028 at 204 gallons is the largest standard console system in the industry. These powerful large ultrasonic cleaners incorporate 316L, 14 and 12 gauge stainless steel tanks and stainless steel skirts for long term reliable performance. The large ultrasonic parts cleanears provide the cleaning power and performance that manufacturing facilities, shops, and labs expect in a precision ultrasonic cleaner. Combined with UPC's patented Vibra-bar® transducers and patented high performance 5300/5400 series generators providing Simultaneous Multi-frequency operation, they are the largest and most powerful portable console systems in the industry.
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  • Bench Top Washing Equipment with Separate Generators

    Table Top Ultrasonic Cleaner with Separate Generator
    Ultrasonic Power Corporation’s Bench Top Tank and Generator Series ultrasonic cleaning
    systems offer a full range of features providing the most advanced systems available
    anywhere. These powerful H series benchtop ultrasonic cleaners incorporate 316L 14 gauge stainless steel tanks with
    stainless steel skirts for long term reliable performance. The H series table top ultrasonic cleaning system provide the cleaning power
    and performance manufacturing facilities, shops, and labs expect in a precision
    ultrasonic cleaning system. Combined with UPC’s patented Vibra-Bar® transducers
    and patented high performance 5300/5400 series generators providing Simultaneous
    Multi-frequency® operation, they are the most powerful benchtops in the industry.

  • Bench Top Washing Equipment with Built-in Generators

    Table Top Ultrasonic Cleaner with Built-in Generator
    Everything you need in one easy to use package

    • Engineered for High Power, Efficiency, Consistency and Reliability
    • All Stainless Steel for a Lifetime of Problem Free Service
    • Patented Vibra-Bar®  Transducer Technology
    • Simultaneous Multi-frequency® for Enhanced Performance
    • Patented Generators With Sweep Circuitry
    • Backed by UPC’s industry-leading warranty and service
    Standard Features of SE Series Bench Top Ultrasonic Cleaner:
    • All stainless steel construction
    • 316L stainless steel tanks
    • TIG welded inside and out for long-term reliability
    • High power 40kHz Vibra-Bar®  transducers
    • Simultaneous Multi-frequency®
    • Built in UPC 5300 series generators
    • Sweep circuitry- eliminates “hot spots” and“dead zones”
    • Thermostatically controlled heat
    • Sloped bottom for easy draining
    • Drain with valve
    Options for the SE Series Table Top Ultrasonic Cleaning System:
    • Digital Timer
    • Digital Temperature control
    • Pump and filter system
    • Fill and overflow plumbing
    • 25kHz, 68kHz, 132kHz, 170kHz
    • Intensity control 
    • Sweep control
    • 240V 
    • Matching rinse tank
    • Heated air blower system 
    • Cleaning detergents
    • Stainless steel basket and lid
    • TUV certification (UL, CSA)

  • Automated Multistage Ultrasonic Cleaning System

    Automated Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems
    High performance, affordable, automated ultrasonic cleaning equipment designed and manufactured in Freeport, Illinois. These multi-station automated ultrasonic cleaning systems consist of advanced ultrasonic wash systems, advanced spray over immersion rinse systems and advanced hot air dryer system with integrated high-performance blow-off


    These systems utilize rugged, expandable 80/20 modular aluminum frames for flexible configuration.  Standard baskets are passed through the cleaning stages by an automated overhead carrier. Systems include load and unload stations with basket positioners and sensors and will clean multiple baskets simultaneously. Systems are controlled by Sonic Touch®II a highly advanced HMI system developed by Ultrasonic Power Corporation.

  • LG 3606 Gunsonic Long Gun Cleaning Equipment

    The complete ultrasonic firearms cleaning and lubricating system. Designed ane made in Freeport, Illinois by Ultrasonic Power Corporation - the most trusted name in the industry.


    • Ultrasonic cleaning - 3-5 minutes
    • Water rinse - 1 minute
    • Hot air blower dry - 2 minutes
    • Ultrasonic lubrication - 1 minute
    • Drip dry or hot air dry


    • More thorough cleaning- cleans down to one micron cleanliness level
    • Shorter cleaning times- 3-5 minutes for most firearms
    • Less handling- allows the user to perform other functions while cleaning is in process
    • Lubrication tank design uses ultrasonic energy allowing complete coverage in every crack and crevasse
    • Cleaning detergent is specifically chosen for firearm cleaning and includes a rust prohibitor
    • Lubrication is specially formulated for firearm cleaning with water displacement and low temperature properties
    • Hot air dryer - 29,250 cubic feet per minute of hot filtered air - cuts drying time by 80%


    • All stainless steel - ensures many years of trouble free performance
    • Patented Vibra-bar® technology - the most advanced transducer design in the industry
    • Simultaneous Multi-frequency® technology - provides the highest performance of any system
    • Sweep Technology - eliminates standing waves and provides a safe cleaning environment for all gun surfaces
    • Best warranty in the industry - you talk directly to our support staff who designed and built the system
    • Made in America by Ultrasonic Power Corporation - we support our systems
    • Two sizes to choose from - HG 1206 for handguns - LG 3606 for rifles


    • Cleaning tank and generator
    • Stainless steel basket
    • Stainless steel lid
    • Stainless steel lubrication tank
    • Supply of Cleaning detergent
    • Supply of Lubricant
    • Hot air dryer


  • Ultrasonic Musical Instrument Cleaning Equipment

    The original ultrasonic brass instrument cleaner
    The ultrasonic musical instrument cleaning equipment will easily accommodate trumpets, flutes, saxophones, trombones, baritones and with some extra handling, you can do sousaphones and 3/4 tubas.
    Clarinets can be cleaning in a double boiler using alternate chemistry such as Murphy's oil soap.
    Cleans instruments in a fraction of the time while minimizing labor, utilizing safer cleaning solutions, and cleaning more thoroughly than other cleaning methods.

  • Ultrasonic Generators

    Ultrasonic Generators
    Designed to power Ultrasonic Power Corporation's patented Vibra-bar® transducers. Each generator features our patented modulation sweep and power intensity control technology. The power intensity control maximizes the cleaning unit’s flexibility to clean small delicate items or large bulk items. Our generators use solid state circuitry backed by 30 years of field proven reliability.  Ultrasonic Power Corporation’s generators provide consistent, predictable ultrasonic cleaning power throughout the cleaning bath. This proven design provides a constant output power even as the solution temperature or load volume increases.

    5300 Series

    - Many frequencies available- 25kHz, 40kHz, 68kHz, 132kHz, 170kHz
    - Power levels available- 250/500/750/1000 Watts 
    - Patented constant power circuit design monitors power output continuously adjusting input power for controlled consistency - US patent 5,895,997
    - Power Intensity Control - combined with “Simultaneous Multi-Frequency®”, extends the equipment cleaning ability to very fragile items such as semiconductor devices, wafers and delicate glass parts
    - Sweep - variable sweep designed to eliminate "hot spots" and "dead zones"
    - Modulation Sweep Control - 38-42 kHz (300-1000 Hz sweep rate) - provides the ability to perform in a variety of aqueous and semi-aqueous cleaning chemistries.
    - Automatic short / open protection – generator is protected if the output is either "short circuited" or "open circuited"
    - Automatic frequency / load control-  provides uniform and reliable operations under all conditions of loading 
    - Includes RFI (radio frequency interference) filter - assures RFI suppression and protection against electrical shock
    - High efficiency generator circuitry
    - Meets FCC requirements
    - TUV Rheinland certification (UL and CSA)- certification available on request
    - On/off switch & red indicator light
    - Constant output power <5% variation with input voltage
    - Power requirements 120V or 240V   

    5400 Series   

    Same features as the 5300 Series plus:
    Patent pending Transducer Status Indicator (TSI) - transducer monitoring circuit that indicates the operational condition of the transducers that it is powering via LED’s
    Overheat Protection System- protects the generator from high temperatures caused by overheating due to air blockage or fan failure- LED indicator
    PLC control connector- 15 pin connector on the back of generator providing ability to control the generator externally via a PLC controller with the following capabilities:
    - Power Intensity Control- 0-10VDC input will control 0-100% power
    - Sweep Control- 0-10VDC input will control sweep from 300-1000Hz
    - On/Off control- 24VDC input controls On/Off time
    - Power Meter Signal Output-  0-10VDC represents generator output power
    - Frequency Meter Output- represents the actual operating frequency
    - Alarm Output- ground output if generator output drops below an adjustable set point


  • Ultrasonic Immersible Transducers

    Immersible Ultrasonic Transducers
    Deep cleaning ultrasonic immersible transducers give you the ability to add the ultrasonic advantage to your existing cleaning application. We bond and wire the retrofit ultrasonic transducer inside a durable stainless steel container, and seal it with a stainless steel lid. This gives you the ability to "drop-in" transducers to an existing tank or application. Heavy duty 316L stainless steel- to ensure long life and performance Installation hardware included- to ensure ease of installation Heli-arc welded Pressure tested Match with patented 5300 or 5400 series generators Custom sizes available- contact our knowledgeable sales engineers for assistance UPC manufactures engineer­ed equipment that fulfills the broad spectrum of perform­ance requirements dictated by the various cleaning applica­tions. The varied frequency requirements are met by UPC’s “Simultaneous Multi-Frequency®” which ensures constantly uniform and thorough cleaning. The exclusive UPC features of “Simultaneous Multi-Frequency®” provide the most versatile equipment available on the market. The UPC “Vibra-Bar®” transducer module and generator module combine to provide equipment having maximum reli­ability and simplified field maintenance.

  • Tank bottoms and Plates

    Tank Bottoms and Plates
    Bonding our "Vibra-Bar®" Transducers to Stainless Steel plates or Tank Bottoms

    Ultrasonic Power Corp can permanently bond our "Vibra-Bar®" transducers to the radiating surface of your stainless steel plate or tank. We can also design and manufacture custom plates and tanks for you.

    UPC is the original manufacturer of "Vibra-Bar®" transducers that others try to imitate. The unique construction of the bar provides complex resonances of 40 - 90 kHz. This produces Ultrasonic Power Corporation's patented "Simultaneous Multi-Frequency®" which virtually eliminates undesirable standing waves and provides sub-micron level cleaning.

    Call or email us and our experienced staff will help you with choosing the right ultrasonic direct bonded transducer or side bonded transducer for your application. It may be easier than you think to choose the right ultrasonic power transducer.

  • Accessories- all

    Stainless steel baskets, stainless steel lids, work rests, pump and filter systems, companion rinse tanks and companion dryers can be found here.

  • Ultra-Power Ultrasonic Cleaning Detergents

    Ultra-Power Ultrasonic Cleaning Detergents
    *Shipping and Handling not included in the below prices
    **Brulin drums ship free in the continental United States

    We provide you with a line of quality detergents designed for specific use with our advanced ultrasonic cleaning systems.  Our line of products is designed for optimal use within the specific range of temperatures and chemistry your cleaning system will use. Incredibly versatile, our specialized cleaners are formulated for use to clean everything from glass substrates to surgical instruments. Please review our line of products and choose the formula that is right for you.


    All of our ultrasonic cleaning detergents are concentrates specially formulated for use in our ultrasonic parts cleaners. All of our ultrasonic cleaning solutions are specifically designed to be diluted in water. The amount of detergent required is dependent on the type and amount of contamination on the surfaces you put in your washers. Parts should be generally cleaned to remove gross amounts of contamination before being placed in your ultrasonic cleaning systems. In some cases, the hardness of the water used in the ultrasonic parts washer should also be taken into consideration and mixing adjustments made. Our versatile cleaning solutions allow you to make adjustments as necessary without seriously deteriorating its effectiveness.

  • UPR 2000S

    • Ultrasonic Flow-through system for Ultimate Performance
    • The ultrasonic flow-through reactors are engineered for High Power, Efficiency, Consistency and Reliability
    • All Stainless Steel for a Lifetime of Problem Free Service
    • Patented Vibra-Bar®  Transducer Technology
    • Simultaneous Multi-frequency® for Enhanced Performance
    • Patented Generators With Variable Sweep Circuitry
    • Backed by UPC’s industry-leading warranty and service
    • High intensity ultrasonic action
    • Multiple units can be mounted in series or parallel configuration
    • Leading edge technology for our continuous flow ultrasonic reactors
    • High power density up to 1500 W/Gal
    • Manufactured entirely in the USA

  • 51-15-832

    Custom Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems
    Let Ultrasonic Power Corporation design and manufacture a custom ultrasonic cleaning tank specific to your application. The following custom ultrasonic cleaners are a sample of what we can do for you. Contact us today.